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Sunday, June 18, 2017


In December Dragon Racing Systems celebrated its fifth birthday. So I thought it might be well overdue to spam you with our very first newsletter!


This is proving to be our most challenging year. I seem to have risen to my highest level of incompetence. When we made the first one hundred of our original Slot Dragon machines they sold very well. We then had plastic injection molds made for all cosmetic parts and churned out enough to accommodate one thousand new systems.


About three months later we made the drag racing add-on accessory. Today  drag racing systems represent over forty percent of total sales.


About four months after that we came out with our photo eye sensors. Today they outsell all four of the other types we offer combined times eight!


Six months later we introduced the SD2 system. For the first time the company totally supported a meager living for my wife and I.


Then two years after that we lost all of our venture capital in a botched attempt to produce a four lane system. The main conundrum we face in regards to design and manufacture in Thailand is finding a company big enough to do the job, yet small enough to want it. And we had out grown the outfit that helped us with the first two systems. The SD4 worked OK approximately 98.5% of the time. And if it would have been our flagship product I would have released it to the public.  But I felt that the first two machines set a standard of flawless operation. So I choose not to compromise the reputation I worked so hard to achieve.


In the summer of 2015 we contracted with Comm Tech located in Portland Oregon to be a North American distributor and warranty center. They are also equipped with hardware/software to do all our upgrades.


Last year we had the best year ever as we targeted the Hot Wheels, and Auto World markets in a series of youtube videos. In fact we actually had enough cash flow to rekindle our efforts regarding the SD4. We found a new company and, using a faster Micro Processor IC with more on board memory, we turned out the SD4 in spectacular fashion. They look and work fantastic.


The only draw has been, so far sales have been something other than good. So those of you that frequent local slotcar clubs, please encourage the owner/manager to visit our website. I would appreciate that very much.


Hind sight being 20/20 I should have went ahead with the SD3 instead. I have always wanted this system from the very beginning. Never have a lop sided race again with ET bracket! Time trials, dial-inns, sportsman tree drop, and it would have been much less costly to produce as we could have employed the same mother board as with our previous versions. All we would have had to reinvent is the Christmas tree.


And because each system justifies/finances the design and creation of the next, it is a safe forgone conclusion that there is not a whole lot to do around here anymore. That is the real reason for the letter.


Another improvement worth mentioning is that about a year ago we changed to a different photo transistor in our Photo Eye Sensor Assemblies. It is more sensitive, requiring less light, has a flat top making for easier installation, and it is cosmetically superior. Its flat face makes a perfect flush fit with the surface of all plastic tracks. And its transparent design makes the transistor visible and thus giving the eye a pupil.


And lastly, as of last year we have gone with a thicker button membrane. If your machine needs a new membrane they are only seven USD. The original thickness was 0.16mm. The replacements are 0.25mm.


Well I think that gets us all caught up. Got any good pictures/videos of your raceway?


Happy tracks.

Daniel Tyler

12:10 am est

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