The following are a small fraction of all the great emails we get from all corners of the planet.


Hi Daniel,

First off, I have to tell you thank you for producing this amazing piece of equipment. I can't tell you how awesome it is and how this potentially changes how we play slot cars. I also want to comment on how amazing the plug and play is. You engineered it well and it worked immediately without a custom hack job. I think your price is crazy reasonable for what I got and I love it!!!! 

I'm attaching a video of the system. It's not the one I want you to post, I'll produce a better one and some still pics. This was just the initial video for some buddies. 

Anyways, can't thank you enough. Money well spent.
Travis Anderson - San Marcos, CA

HI Daniel,

I just received the package about an hour ago. I've set it up (very easy) and decided I needed to let you know how impressed I am with the system. I had rather high expectations when I ordered it, but the build quality and performance far exceeded even those expectations. Your estimated delivery time was also spot-on.

 Please keep my contact info and let me know if you develop additional products; consider them pre-sold!

I would like to continue writing about the fantastic product you offer, but I can hear my Slot Dragon calling me from my game room...........

Thanks again for designing and marketing the most innovative and highest quality product to hit the slot car market in my memory (and I've been a fan since the late '60's),

Doug Hager
New Richmond, Wisconsin


  the whole system is absolutely awesome...me and my friends are having a great time ..it brought our racing to a whole new fun level....like I say I was new to this and have some things to learn ...but this system is easy to operate and understand. ... thank you again for your time..absolutely awesome!!!

Anthony Tirillo

West palm Beach, Florida 



"Just a quick note to let you know how pleased I am with my lap timer. It is working very well and is so easy to use. I have used both the strip and the light sensors and highly recommend both.

Cheers from down under"


Leigh Fisher

Burra South Australia


Just wanted to let you know I received the Slot Dragon, set up was a breeze, and it works perfectly.
Thank you so much! Hope you sell a bunch of them!


Ed Billeaud
Breckridge, Colorado

I just wanted to let you know that I recieved the SlotDragon last week, and we had our first race session with the unit installed tonight. The SlotDragon worked perfectly! We couldn't be happier with it. We had been using one of those old overhead mechanical lap counter...the kind with the little paddles the cars trip when they pass through, and had been having some issues with it. What a relief it was to get rid of that thing, and use the SlotDragon. And being that we are a small group...usually 3 to 4 of us,we really did not want to bother with setting up a computer. And the unit was so easy to use. Thanks for making such a great product. We are so glad we found out about the Slotdragon.

Thanks again,

Dave Guymon
Peoria, Illonois

One thing I love about the Slot Dragon system is that it co-exists seamlessly with my computer timing rig. I'm happy to have both, because they serve unique purposes. Most of my casual race friends who come over definitely prefer the Slot Dragon, and I have so much fun staging and practicing my reaction time, I do tend to agree.

What really blew me away about the Slot Dragon was that it was so easy to set up, and that it is so reliable. I literally took it out of the box and got it running within five minutes, on the very first try. I've spent many hundreds of dollars, and thousands of hours, tinkering around with all kinds of other HO slot car timing solutions, and still none of them are as reliable, maintenance-free, and flat-out fun as your system. Thank you so much for your terrific product!

Clark Howell
Mustang Raceway
Hamden, Connecticut

"Slot Dragon is a BLAST! We had a ton of fun racing last night. This has so changed the game just as you said it would."

Mike "Bitman" Buettner
Eureka, California

Thanks for the support and taking the time to help get us back up and running. I think the system is great and I don't know how we ran without it. If there is anything I can do by giving positive feedback just let me know. I'll make sure we give good feedback by word of mouth. I hope you have a good holiday season. Thanks again.

Wade Brown
Pitman, NJ

Hello Daniel,
I received the Slot Dragon yesterday.  The Scalextric sensor worked with the DSlot 43 track.  The track is hard plastic so I had to loosen the aluminum retainers to slip the sensor over the track. No modification to the track. The system works great!!  I really like it.
Thank you for your help!
Don Schmitt
Reynoldburg, Ohio

  Good Morning,
    received slot dragon the other day and had set up complete in  "minutes"…..this is absolutely awesome and works flawlessly….

Bob Ambrosino
Glendale, AZ


Hi Daniel
The SD detection system works like a charm.
The display is also nice and large and readable under all the light conditions my layout is exposed to.
It is 100X better than the old electromechanical system I was using before.
I could no longer take the" clack" sound it made when a car triggered the switch.The display(LCD) was also difficult to read.
Also a big thank you for your great service.
Bryan in Johannesburg, South Africa.


"Hello, I've bought one of your timers before, it is awesome!! We use it every race, make slot cars sooo much more fun!"

Aaron Archer

Action Park, Tasmania



Hi Daniel,

This weekend I finally had the chance to finish installation of the Slot Dragon timer on my track.  IT’S GREAT!  This is exactly what I was looking for.  Installation of the photo sensors in the track is easy and connecting the system was a breeze.  The main reason that I wanted the system was to be able to compare different cars for lap time.  I set the system for a 20 lap race and F-1 start.  After 20 laps, I get all of the stats I need, including fastest lap.

Thanks for making the product.  It does more than I was hoping for a lot less than I thought it would take.

Jim Drake Delmar NY

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